About Flying Star

About Flying star
Since its establishment, Shenzhen Flying Star Technology Co., Ltd. has long been focused on the research of electronic product development and electronic product imitation technology. It is a domestic authoritative electronic product development and electronic product imitation service provider.
After years of market temper and baptism, Flying star has developed into an elite enterprise with fine organizational structure, advanced management means, powerful technical force, complete product variety and a number of excellent technical and managerial talents. Facing the opportunities and challenges of economic globalization, Flying star technology has always been “building a hundred years of excellent enterprises as the goal”, speeding up the pace of adjustment and internationalization of business strategy, actively participating in international competition, narrowing the gap with the advanced level abroad, helping the leap forward development of China’s electronic industry and helping China. The development of national science and technology.

Main business
– electronic product development: schematic design, PCB Layout line design, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) design, SI simulation analysis, and complete electronic product development;
– copying and cloning of electronic products: PCB copy board file making, PCB modification board, PCB reverse reasoning / schematic file making, BOM material list making and one-stop service of PCB copy board;
– chip reverse engineering: single IC crack, CPLD decryption, FPGA decryption, DSP decryption, ARM IC crack; chip computer program disassembly; chip model query; IC test, IC verification; chip program erasure clearance; IC program burning; chip opening, photo; chip failure analysis; chip point extraction and replication; IC reverse design;
– bulk purchase of components;
– functional prototype production and adjustment, troubleshooting devices and module replacement;
– PCB board: PCB proofing, small batch PCB production
– PCBA assembly: SMT patch processing, DIP plug-in processing, COB binding processing, BGA welding; small batch PCB welding process; replacement processing, incoming processing;
– OEM/ODM agent for all kinds of finished products and semi-finished products;
– the development and solution of large project
service idea
Flying star science and technology adhering to the “quality is the life of the product, the reputation is the soul of the enterprise” business philosophy, scrupulously abide by the “technology first, market first, reputation first, service first” management policy, to build the best information products of the new century ‘Flying star as the purpose of the development of the enterprise, adhere to the users to provide first-rate technology The solution, the first class product, the first class service, and the complete technical service and complete technical solution for many kinds of service items such as the best technology, the best price PCB copy board, the PCB design, the prototype production, the IC crack and the SMT processing.
Customer group
Flying Star Technology reverse research covers almost all fields of industry, commerce, consumption and armaments. At present, it has become the largest and strongest technical strength in China. It has been a well-known enterprise of reverse technology, which integrates R & D, design, manufacturing, technology and service. It has served over 90% customers in the industry and customers all over the world.

chip crack

Chip model identification is a technical service provided by Flying Star Technology for some chips, or chips on chips, or inaccurate chips, including grinding IC model identification, state IC model identification, IC lookup and IC replacement. In the current development of electronic products, some designers can increase the difficulty of deciphering chip and copying PCB clones by grinding the chip model, making a piece of black glue on the chip or printing on other models to prevent the product from being copied or copied. Therefore, the identification of IC models is becoming more and more important in the reverse development of electronic products.
Flying star has made detailed parameter analysis and decipher in many years of reverse technology research. It has a thorough understanding of the internal characteristics, storage structure, clock circuit, instruction system and so on. With the aid of a variety of advanced parameter testing and analysis instruments equipped by the company, it can be fast and accurate. You provide a variety of IC model identification.